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Sustainability Advisory Council
Texas Medical Center

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About the Council


In support of the sustainability policy of each member institution, the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Sustainability Advisory Council will facilitate a systematic process to identify sustainability opportunities, share best practices and serve as a coordinating body in the execution of TMC-wide sustainability initiatives.


Through a holistic systems approach, the TMC Sustainability Advisory Council aspires to be a sustainability resource of the TMC and its membership. The Advisory Council will strive to enhance the reputation of the TMC and its membership by a commitment to responsible stewardship of environmental resources. Through an integrated approach of supporting the mission today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, continual improvement will be sought to reduce the environmental footprint of all the TMC members.


The Council will:

  • Provide guidance to the TMC and its membership in areas of identifying, prioritizing and managing materials reduction, reuse and recycling opportunities
  • Coordinate the execution of TMC-wide sustainability initiatives
  • Establish work groups, as necessary, to spearhead the delivery of the work products of the Advisory Council
  • Seek monetary savings and efficiencies though TMC-wide collaboration
  • Pursue grant opportunities that enhance a sustainable environment
  • Embrace and foster a spirit of volunteerism
  • Educate the membership and individuals within the community on the values of reducing, reusing and recycling material streams
  • Track sustainability performance of the members of the Advisory Council
  • Engage with others on ways and means to reduce the environmental footprint of the products and services consumed in the Houston area
  • Publicize sustainability accomplishments to internal and external stakeholders and
  • Seek local, state and national recognition as sustainability successes warrant.

The Advisory Council shall consist of a representative and an alternate from each institution within the Texas Medical Center. Volunteers and advisory members shall participate in Advisory Council activities by invitation only. Attendance shall constitute membership. A majority of the Advisory Council shall constitute a quorum.

The Advisory Council shall designate two co-chairpersons and a recording secretary. The tenure of the co-chairpersons shall be for two calendar years with one chairperson rotating out every calendar year. If a co-chairperson resigns their position, there will be a special election to replace that individual. The newly elected co-chair will serve out the term of his or her replacement. The tenure of the recording secretary shall be at the discretion of the Advisory Counci.

The Advisory Council shall meet the second Wednesday of every month at a location convenient to and agreed upon by the membership. Decisions requiring a vote shall be determined by those members present at the meeting, including proxy representatives.

Work groups will be established, as necessary, to undertake assignments at the direction of the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council may request others whose advice and counsel are relevant to the issues being considered by the Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council shall prepare and submit an annual report to the TMC and each institution’s management highlighting the continuing improvement being made to reduce the medical center’s environmental footprint.


  • Earth Day
  • Best Practices
  • Performance
  • Outreach


Rick Dillard, CPPM


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